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Local Marble & Stone Floor Polishing, Maintenance & Restoration

We have a meticulous approach revolving around the goal of accentuating the unique colours and intricate patterns within each stone. Through the art of polishing, we transform your surfaces, delicately removing surface imperfections, banishing scratches and dispelling dullness. The result is a smooth and glossy finish that not only revitalises the stone but elevates the entire aesthetic of your space.

Give Your Hard Floor a New Lease of Life

Our goal is to enhance the natural beauty of marble floors, stone tiles and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) in a practical and effective manner. We use safe detergents in our polishing process, ensuring thorough cleaning without compromising the integrity of the surface.

With over a decade of experience – our team is well-versed in the art of polishing and delivering reliable results. We take pride in our local connections, allowing us to offer personalised services tailored to the specific needs of our community.

"Our office chairs and furniture have never been the best due to heavy touching, with these services we keep on top of it in a hassle-free way.

Jakson J.

Types of Stone Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles We Cater to


Known for its luxurious appearance, marble boasts unique veining and patterns.

Polishing Impact: Polishing marble tiles reveals a high-gloss finish, showcasing its natural beauty.


Granite offers a timeless and elegant look.

Polishing Impact: Granite polishing enhances its natural lustre, making it ideal for countertops and flooring.


Featuring characteristic pits and voids, travertine exudes a rustic charm.

Polishing Impact: Polishing brings out a smooth and glossy finish, highlighting its natural elements.


Limestone tiles are easily observed for their muted tones and subtle elegance.

Polishing Impact: Polishing limestone tiles results in a sophisticated sheen, accentuating its inherent beauty.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tiles mimic the appearance of natural stone while offering durability and versatility.

Polishing Impact: While traditional stone tiles undergo polishing, luxury vinyl tiles do not require the same polishing process. However, they benefit from regular cleaning to maintain their appearance.

Polishing Process for Stone Tiles

The process of polishing stone tiles involves the expert application of diamond abrasives. Coarse grits are utilised initially to eliminate surface imperfections, with progressively finer grits employed to achieve smoother finishes. Polishing compounds – formulated for natural stone is also applied to enhance the overall shine.

Benefits of Polishing

Polishing can breathe new life into worn or dull stone surfaces, restoring their original shine.

In addition to aesthetic enhancements, polishing provides a protective layer that guards against stains, scratches, and wear.

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Our approach involves the meticulous application of cutting-edge techniques, showcasing our dedication to not only providing a local service but delivering an unmatched sprakling floor. We uphold the highest standards of reliability and excellence throughout every aspect of our work.

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